From the recording The Love Songs Of Dario Cohen


Hold me when the world goes Different

It’s a fast changing world
Money has come & gone
The ground has shifted below us
Hard to hold on
Every time the phone rings a shiver goes down my spine
We owe money on everything
What happen to the good -times?

Hold me when the world goes different
I’ll love you a little more
Hold me when the world goes different
Together, we will win this war

Maybe we got too crazy Living
La vida Loca style
Had to have everything
Consumed, Did I mention , we were wild
We went down those roads together
Sometimes, stayed too long
Underneath was a toughness to it all
A big love, raging strong

Everything’s going to be alright
WE got soul & grit to spare
Let them throw whatever they got
WE’re not running scared
C 2014-Dario Cohen/Cody Lee