1. Incredible

From the recording The Love Songs Of Dario Cohen



Treat your wife like she’s your girlfriend every night
Make her feel special, sometimes even, paint the town at night
Comment on her wardrobe;

tell her just how good she looks
Respect her space, when she wants to be alone with her books

You’re Beautiful, Incredible
You’re the one I love
You’re Beautiful, incredible
Will be, going to be, and was

Like all true beauties, the way you wear that little black dress
Shoulder blades exposed, white keds, But you know, you had me at the dress
Then you start to speak, my mind, reels from the possibilities
Like that first time you touched my hand, that night, at that party, by the sea

Someday we’ll get ourselves, a cottage by the sea
We’ll grow old together darling, you & me, gracefully
Like that old cure cover, Faces weathered by the ancient winds
Every line on our face meant, some new adventure, now begins
C2016 Dario Cohen/Cody Lee (capo 4th fret)