1. Birthday Song

From the recording To Live & Die In Kankakee

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Birthday Song(written 12/01/18-my birthday)

Beatles, Kinks, & Who & Stones
Animals, Zombies, Turning me on
High school dreams and high school girls
Pretty much sums up my whole world
MacDougal Street and Central Park
Fillmore East with a hippie’s heart
Lillian’s apartment while she’s gone
Dumbass boy, trying to get it on

Oh, oh, oh, this dreams alive 2x

Over to London & Peter Green
I’m 18, an idiot and he’s crazy
Jump to Boston & Johanna Wild
Glam rock boys without much style
Berklee now, improve my skills
Roxbury’s charms gonna cure my ills
Back to New York, please dear God
Let the mighty Dictators do the job

S.I.R. and humping gear
Falcon Eddy, 79’s our year
CB’s, Max’s and Gildersleeves
Patty, Chrissy & Dixie
Depeche Mode meant the end was near
Cocaine & whisky worse than beer
Crash & burn, dreams in a blaze
Ah do I miss my rock’n’roll days?

A boy from Hanoi and 2 blackhearts
Cocaine dreams and A CBS card
Things went crashing pretty hard
‘til a college girl stole my heart
Delta Kings & Phoenix dues
I finally learned to play some blues
2018, and here I am
I survived; I’m a lucky man
C2018 Cody Lee