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  1. ANITA

Keith Norton-Upright Bass


Anita (For Anita Pallenberg)

Anita, you were sixties cool
Young, ultra-stylish & exotic too
every move you made, for me rang true
Made every teenage boy fall hard for you
Anita, I see you
in everything I do
you’re the reason and the cool
I did it all for you
(last chorus)
I signed on, cause of you

Rebel love was what you gave
Weren’t worried about no early grave
a muse, with such sex & style
Your Fingerprints darlin’, all over Exile

As honest as I’ll ever be
I wanted someone like you for me
I’ll never forget all you done
Anita, it’s been a glorious run

Anita, I can still see you
in your minis &, furs & boots
Long legged, forever 22…