Keith Norton - Upright Bass
Jeff Carpenter - Percussion
K. Flynn - Backing vocals
David Howie - Backing Vocals
James Treichler - Drums

Mixed by Fred Breitberg


Good & Bad Times

Some mornings I get up, I wonder if I have the finer stuff
Sometime it feels like, acoupla guys, Bad boys in the alley, mess me up
Woo ooh,, I don’t know, Woo ooh, I don’t know
If I…

If I can make it, if I can… take it
If I raise my heart up, and sing my voice to the sky
4- (If I raise my voice up, sing my bootless cries)
Will you be mine forever Through the good & bad times,
The good & bad times
2-I will be yours forever’, through the
the good & bad times
3-It will be ours forever through the good & bad times

I signed up a long time ago, I signed on for better or for worse
If we need extra money, honey, I can go off and learn to be a nurse
Woo ooh, I’m worried for you
Woo ooh, I’m rootin’ for you…for you…

Time can do all kinds of things, do a number on folks like us
All we gotta do now darlin’, is show ‘em , we’re made of sterner stuff
Woo ooh, we should know, woo ooh, do we really know, If we, if we, We will make it…If we…

C2013 Cody Lee