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Keith Norton - Upright Bass
Jeff Carpenter - Percussion
K. Flynn - Backing vocals
David Howie - Backing Vocals
James Treichler - Drums

Mixed by Fred Breitberg



This is serious
I’m not kidding
this world has lost its bearings
everything is
inside out
Don’t know just where we’re heading
woh, oh, oh, oh,
Kingdom Come

Now the volume’s
getting louder
I can’t hear above the shouters
little liars, Mass deceivers,
Truth’s on fire, True believers,
woh, oh, oh, oh,
Kingdom Come
Truth for sale
on every corner
use it to get what you want
promise the glory of the kingdom
promise what never was

keeps us busy
Distracts us from the dreary
Little white men
Scream all day
Carney hucksters, big payday
woh, oh, oh, oh,
Kingdom Come
Well, Now we got real
blood on our hands
Freedom cries across our great land
it’s all over
‘cept the blaming
hope ya found it entertaining
woh, oh, oh, oh,
Kingdom Come