Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but the new LP, To Live & Die In Kankakee is on this site!!!!!

A new record. Summer 2019



Early Reviews are In!!!

Arrol Sean Flynn -  As a card carrying fan of Cody Lee Songs and frequent listener to said album, allow me to say congratulations on another fine piece of musical wonder. I urge everyone to check it out. 

Lon Rozelle - Bout time, my friend. Great rekkid. 

Ryan Carlson - Another beaut, Cody! Glad we had a chance to chat about it awhile back. 😎👍  

Tedi Lopez Mills -  I love it. 

Gary Moss - Love this record, Cody Lee! 

Kim Lopez-Mills -  It’s great, Cody Lee! ♥️ 

Dean Landew - Toot your horn. Another excellent album. You continue to go your own way, with top-notch results. 

Binky Philips -  Way way back when we were all playing Max's and CBGB hoping for the A&R gods to show up, one of the best bands that, like The Planets, came this close to the mythical record deal more than once, was Falcon Eddy led by my friend, Cody Lee. Like me, he simply never stopped making music regardless. True to form, he's just released his what? 4th album under the lovely name, Johnny & The Whatnots. The name is silly fun, the music is not. These are sophisticated songs, musically, lyrically, sonically. The vocals are hushed and pull you in. The lyrics are serious and seriously good. Cody has lived life and it shows in his music. Real heartache. Quiet but defiant angst. Wit. Lots of 12-string ear ambrosia. While Cody's influences are fully integrated, I hear Tom Petty, Pete Townshend, Elton, Bruce, Roger Waters, Beatles, Tom Waits, Richard Thompson, and a singer I can't place. The album also features a killer emotive version of the Velvets "All Tomorrow's Parties" arranged to give you the same wistfulness as "Hand Bags And Glad Rags" by Rod the Mod. Okay, enough from me. Here's the link to Cody's wonderful songwriting and performing. 
So there!

My New Guilty Pleasure have rerecorded their song "SHine".

Not really sure about a lot of things, but I will promise that every word on this site is the God's honest truth.  For better or worse.  

You know, you don't suck.”

— Grizzled Guy at the bar at Simon's in Andersonville, Chicago

Checking In


Tonight, November 10th,  WNIJ FM, http://northernpublicradio.org/ SESSIONS FROM STUDIO A, live in studio, taped this summer during the Mee & Lee Tour, Gavin & I are both interviewed by Emcee Carl Nelson and we each played a genuine passel of songs live in Studio A. Listen live or, check out the podcasts at your convenience.  http://northernpublicradio.org/rss

Happy Fall everybody.  It is has been a great bunch of months since the move to the incredible city of Chicago.  I am going to hunker down in the bunker for awhile and work on the as yet untitled LP#3.  Again, I will be working with the legendary Freddie Breitberg, as well as, we will be tracking some of the new songs with outside musicians.    I will check in from time to time to share news as things develop.  Once again, thanks to everyone for a great year.  Special shout outs to Mitch, Gavin, Freddie, Jim(for the awesome pre-production work)John T., Charlie, Tom V. and Tom C,  Camille & Eric, Seth (my bubela) &  Patrick, the whole Gateway Drug posse - Jeff, Jenny & Keith for service above & beyond and most importantly,  all the peeps who have been coming to the shows.  Your support has been massive and I am grateful for it every day. 

I might do some local live shows, but for sure no traveling/touring.  However, no sooner do I write that and I get to announce this piece of news from the industry of human happiness.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1171436092895231/1183895144982659/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity¬if_id=1476054226731245 
I am psyched to be a part of this "magical" evening/s.   
And also, I will be returning to Chillfest in Wicker Park in November 


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